Fleetwood Mac: A Short Story

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The last twelve months had been a rollercoaster of emotions. She had been nervous as hell to step back on stage. With Fleetwood Mac, the band she had vowed to never be a part of again, about six years ago. Things hadn't been the same without Lindsey, and she had known that she needed to get her life back together after the inauguration, even if it took her another year to finally kick her Klonopin habit. She had been frightened what people thought of her, scared she couldn't perform anymore, that people didn't want to see her anymore. And then there had been Lindsey. That man was what she had been most afraid of off it all. Stevie had had an idea how to behave around him after they had left on the terms they had been leaving. There had been too many lose ends, too much heartache as that she,…show more content…
"Don't look at me like that. It's not as if you'll never see me again." Stevie laughed, trying to joke while she really wanted to cry. "It won't be the same." He told her, the hold he had on her tightening even more. "Don't... Lindsey, please don't make this harder on us that it already is." Pushing him away gently, she leaned up, kissing him. "It's not as if one of us dies. We'll be still there for each other, we'll still see each other. I promise, whenever you need to see me all you'll have to do is call me, and I'll be there. But I doubt you'll have time to miss me too much. Not with that precious little baby boy you'll have." He didn't reply directly, kissing her instead. Though they both knew exactly what he wanted to tell her, knowing she wouldn't want to hear it. "Don't think I won't miss you." "I know you will." She couldn't help but smile. "But you have to go now." "I love you." He pulled her closer once more, not wanting to ever let her go, but he knew he had to, he had a plane to catch. "I love you, too." She whispered, and with a last kiss, they parted
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