Fleur Pillager Four Souls Analysis

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Throughout history, people have been unjustly wronged. African Americans were enslaved, women were oppressed, the Jews were murdered, and the Native Americans were robbed. A common feeling that lives among these betrayed people is revenge. Fleur, a Native American becomes possessed with revenge in Louise Erdrich’s book, Four Souls. Fleur Pillager’s love for her land and thirst for justice lead her on a journey that tangles the two, and everyone involved. What will remain when love and revenge collide, and both want control of the heart? Louise Erdrich’s novels often depict the trials and hardships Native Americans have faced throughout time. She is a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribe, and grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota (McCay, Deroche). She was born of German and Chippewa blood, and her parents taught for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in their hometown. She attended the Wahpeton Indian Boarding School, and later went on to study at Dartmouth College and Johns Hopkins University (McCay, Deroche). She writes with themes of revenge, redemption, strength, parenting, and humor. She is a poet, novelist, and proud Native American and allows that to influence…show more content…
She conspires to find and kill John James Mauser, the grandson of Jack Mauser, the man who stole her land. Before she leaves, she claims a tribal name for herself, Four Souls. This name carries the weight of ancient history and her ancestors before her that will alter her journey, and herself. Fleur sets out on her journey, and enters the city where she finds Mr. Mauser’s house. Luckily enough, Polly Elizabeth, John James’ sister-in-law, hires Fleur to be their laundress maid. Fleur works diligently, quietly studying the house and its floorboards to plan her attack. She skillfully observed the family, “From the bottom of the house, Fleur listened up through its pipes and registers. She got to know the house that way…” (Erdrich
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