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Nowadays many of employees like in flexible work schedule especially a young generation. What is flexible work schedule? Flexible work schedule is a working time which is not fix. The working time change over mutual agreement within employer and employee. Flexible work schedule is not only about time, places of working also include in flexible work schedule. For example, company that used flexible work schedule have different time operation hour from another company. Flexible work schedule comprised of two main arrangements:
a) Fulltime
1. Flexible hours (flextime) – Employee can start or stop their work and finish their work within core hour. For example, Employee can star work at 10am and end their work at 4pm but he/she need to replace
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World had make transformation for working time or schedule by producing “work flexible schedule”. Many people like the new transformation. This is because people can make a dual income at the same time. There are many people in moderate class so they need to get a more job to support their-self or family. To increase their income, they need to get two jobs. By the existence of work flexible schedule, people can make two jobs in one day. For example, people can make an online business at home and at the same time, they can do their jobs at home. This thing wouldn’t take much time to round their business. If they have free time, they can continue to complete their work task at home. For students, they also can get a job if all of Malaysia’s company using work flexible schedule. It is does not interfere with student learning because students can divide their time within working and study. The advantage of dual job at the same time is, people can get more income and gain more experience. They also can get more knowledge and get many friend but the advantage is people which do not know how to manage time will get a problem to complete their work. They will be more stress and their productivity will decrease and it will influence to their

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