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5 Things You Didn't Know About FlexShopper FlexShopper is one of the few lease to own services that allows the customer to own their merchandise in only 52 weeks. At FlexShopper, you can lease the products you need with a credit line that is easy for every customer to understand. FlexShopper customers are valued, and will always receive the highest quality merchandise available under lease to own terms and conditions. With a 90 Days Same as Cash option, every customer can pay the cash price without further fees, saving them a lot of money. At FlexShopper, customers without good credit are treated fairly and given the opportunity to own the merchandise they need without hassle. http://www.flexshopper.com/ FlexShopper Review FlexShopper…show more content…
At FlexShopper, the goal is to shorten time to ownership by offering 12 months of payments. When other people are making their 13th payment, you will be handed your prized certificate of ownership. They also want you to know what you are paying and offer convenient calculators on their website to provider buyers instant figures so they know they are able to make their weekly payments. Flexshopper does not push anyone into buying merchandise they cannot afford. Their goal is helping you achieve ownership faster. They never want to have to come pick up purchases because the customer did not have all the facts. They will not trick you into buying more than you can afford. Another way that Flexshopper differs from the competition is that they give customers a dollar figure credit limit, and the shopper takes it from there. If you have a $1000 credit limit, you can use that to purchase a washing machine or any other item you desire. It's a hassle free way to shop for your items. Flexshopper cares about you and wants you to be satisfied, and will assist you in anyway possible to achieve your purchasing

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