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Accident detail
On December 19, 2005, about 1439 of eastern standard time a Grumman Turbo Mallard (G-73T) which was operating at Ocean Airways flight 101. Which crashed into a shipping channel near Miami Florida? Just shortly taking off from Miami seaplane base, flight 101 was usually a regularly scheduled flight to Bimini Bahamas having 2 flight crewmembers and eighteen passengers on board. In the fatal accident, the right wing separated during flight all passenger on board the aeroplane were killed, in the incident, the aircraft was also completed destroyed.
When the accident took place, the aircraft flight crew flew the aircraft from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Aircraft (FLL) in Fort Lauderdale Florida to Miami seaplane base,
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The reason why the investigators try finding the box is that it contains crucial recordings from the cockpit and data from the actual flight which can help the investigators find out what had happened to the aircraft up until the very final moment of aircraft 101.
As the investigation happened, the pilots were questioned the first officer age 34 held a commercial pilot certificate with a rating for sea and FAA first-class medical certificate. FAA records showed no accident or incident history or enforcement action also national driver register also found no history of driver 's license revocation or suspension. Chalks Ocean Airways employed the first officer in April 2005. He had received company ground school training from April to Jun after would he received flight training from September to October 2005. He completed 1420 hours of total flying time which involving 1,200 hours as pilot in command 100 hours as second in command and 71 house as G-73T. (NTSB,
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Although repairs were done, they were unsuccessful because they did not appropriately restore the weight carrying ability of the wing assembly. The chalks also failure to identify and repair the part properly which laid to repair fatigue cracks in the wings and also many different maintenance correlated difficulties which were found on the misfortune aircraft, which should have been repaired appropriately in the first place (NTSB, 07)
Also, Chalks Ocean Airways did not keep detailed repair work logbook for such work such as the doubles used or even the river work as no mention can be found in any records, but work which was done to the left wing was stated in the repair booklet.
The investigating team establish out that neither the performance or the exterior of the aircraft would have provided a warning sign to the flight staff of the right section forthcoming disaster, the aircraft was operating with it certificated design carrying aerodynamic weight when the wing disconnected. Pre-Existing damage to the wing structure would not have been detectable to the flight crew. (NTSB, 07) (JetBlue, 2007)

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