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Many lives were lost on that day. There was an immeasurable amount of sorrow, emptiness, and confusion among New York residents, and terrible fear and panic across the rest of the United States. The country lost approximately three thousand people to this unforgettable attack. Over three hundred firemen, cops, and paramedics sacrificed their lives to help others who might not have otherwise made it, the ultimate show of dedication to their jobs and passion for helping others(“911 Death Statistics”). “In addition to the loss of life, survivors were exposed to hazardous dust and debris from the collapse of the buildings, and many people endured psychological trauma” (Murphy). A lot of time and labor went into cleaning up all the remains. There…show more content…
Many memorials were made as recognition of all those who lost their lives. A young girl at the age of 28 years old died on flight 11. Her name was Sara Low, the daughter of Mike Low from Batesville, Arkansas. She was a flight attendant and had only been on the job for a few years. Her photo is memorialized at the museum for the memorial exhibition (“Sara Low”) (“Family”). Where the twin towers once stood is known as Ground Zero. There are 911 memorial pools where the towers once stood and a museum as well. There are also beams of light marking where the towers once stood in remembrance (Engel). There is also a place where family and friends go to leave flowers, read messages, and some people just go there to remember those who died. It is a small green hill that overlooks the section of the pentagon building that was destroyed (Spontaneous…show more content…
The events of 911 were very tragic, and they affected the U.S. greatly, but more so in the time that followed September 11, 2001, many school teachers were confused on how to teach about the attacks. They were unsure of how to approach the subject. Many teachers described their classes as a place for comfort and counseling at the time. The teachers would often have a moment of silence to remember those who were dead or missing. Furthermore, many students actually knew someone either missing or killed in the attack. Students were asked if they wanted to talk about the events that took place; however, it was not easy. Classes across the United States had times to freely express their feelings about it all (Karen, Flynn, and Boisseau). No one expected it, and no one could have been prepared for such an event. Many people say that everything happens for a reason; however, for those who lost loved ones or could have possibly been one of the many who died, find it hard to believe that there was a reason for it. Even so, there was a reason. Our country became more aware. The United States learned how to be prepared in the event of something similar happening again. We came together as a whole to fix the problems as they arose and to work on preventing new problems. The U.S. has invested in more technology and better security, so if something similar does happen again, they will know exactly what to do. They

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