Flight 157 Research Paper

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45 people were involved in the crash of flight 157. 72 days was how long these people survived in unbearable conditions. This survival story was a prime example of true perseverance.
16 people survived after 72 days because two of the men decided to make a ten day trek across the andes to find help. Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa were the individuals that decided to make the journey to find help. Their journey was successful in the end and without the decision to look for help, everybody would have died in the mountains. Although some decisions were controversial to the media the survivors critical decisions that saved their lives in the end. When they crashed the one of the first things they did was try to find a solution to the harsh weather conditions. They soon realized that if they bundled together in the plane with each other and all the clothes that they had then they could make it through the night. I notice that when I am involved in any situation that requires a quick solution you must think about your priorities. The people that survived the plane crash were very smart with realizing that the cold was going to be their worst enemy and they needed to find a way to protect themselves quickly. I
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Without Nando and Canessa these people would not be here today. They never stopped trying even after they accepted the fact that death was the outcome stopping was still not an option. This determination is a virtue that all great leaders should demonstrate. When being a leader at St.John’s there will be moments in your life that will test your patience with people. People make promises that they will not keep but that does not mean you are allowed to give up. Staying determined and never giving up is key to being a great leader, once you have done everything to help somebody as a leader then it is up to them but never give in before the job is
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