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The saga of Flight 19 remains as one of the most mysterious disappearances in Bermuda Triangle. Flight-19 was the code name for Five Avenger bomber planes that took off from the Naval base at Florida on 5th of December 1945, but never returned. U.S Navy 's final report mentioned "Reasons Unknown" when citing the cause of the incident. Thus Flight-19 also became known as The Lost Patrol. So what was actually Flight 19 and what really happened? My findings below are the closest to the reality that one can possibly get to. Flight 19 was a training flight with five TBM Avengers or Torpedo Bombers and was led by Commander Charles Taylor. Each was a 3-seater plane, very robust, safe and US Navy 's best bombing planes to destroy enemy…show more content…
Then they were supposed go further east for another 67 miles towards the Bahamas. At this point they would turn north and go for 73 miles. Then turn back and head straight for the Naval Base back in Florida. This way they would cover a triangular area over the sea. The triangle with the yellow line on the picture below was the planned route of the flight 19. The weather over the route was reported as excellent, a typical sunny Florida day. At about 3:30 p.m., Taylor sent a message to the control tower that his compass was malfunctioning and he thought he was somewhere around the Florida Keys, which is a chain of islands south of Florida (i.e. further south of the location where they took off). So instead of heading towards East, he thought that they actually flew southwards due to compass problems. Immediately an instruction was given from the tower to turn north and fly towards Miami, only if he was sure that they were at the Florida keys. However, Taylor 's idea of being close to the Keys was wrong. They had probably gone to the East as originally planned, but for some reason he got confused. As he guided the flight more towards north, further out to the sea the avengers

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