Flight 786 Narrative

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Flight 786, Los Angeles to New York City. This Flight has always lost 20 passengers every time it flies, it only flies that specific route. CIA agent Samuel Thompson waits for the flight to be ready to board. He’s a tall 5’ 11”, weighs about 160 and has dirty blonde hair with a whitish tan. He waits for the everyone to board the killer plane. Once everyone has boarded, he stands up and breathes deeply before he hands his ticket to the Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines before he boards the plane. As he walks down the steel corridor ramp to the plane, he realizes what will happen during the flight. When he boards the plane he slowly walks down the aisle looking at everyone closely, looking for a possible suspect. As he makes it to the back…show more content…
About everyone on the plane is quite not realizing what will happen. Not but another 30 minutes later the lights start to flicker on and off repeatedly. For the next 5 minutes of the harsh screaming and flickering didn’t worry Samuel a bit he knew what was about to happen, he’d been on this flight more than once. Then the lights went dark everyone on board was screaming at their loudest confused about what was happening. The captain tried to reassure everyone, “ It’s okay everybody, I’ll get the lights back on in a second.” Then right after that the lights were…show more content…
First he checked First Class, but nobody was there. Then he asked everyone in cabin, but none would answer him as if he wasn’t there. Not but 20 minutes later the lights flickered on and off again. The flight attendant walked up to him. He wasn’t a bit concerned, he knew what was about to happen but wasn’t worried. “Who’s next?” she asked. “Hard to tell, nobody answered my question.” Then the lights went dark again. Some of the kids were screaming while their parents were trying to comfort them. This time he heard the faint shot of the gun but nobody else had heard it. Once the lights flickered back on there was silence up in first class. After he had made it up to the front of the plane blood had been splattered over the whole row of seats, all of the people in first class had the scardest look on their faces. The flight attendant said that it was a white female that had been shot. She had asked for the fruit dish, but the flight attendant never got it to
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