Flight 93 Persuasive Speech

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Has anyone called you a hero before? Remember that question while you’re reading, you might change your mind about it calling someone a hero for something small that they did. Think, you are about to have a baby boy, everything is going great until, the baby is being strangled by the umbilical cord and the doctors tell you he won’t be able to do anything.Think again, you are on a plane more specifically flight 93. The date is September 11, you want to go to San Fransisco, but all of a sudden you find out your plane thousands of feet in the air is being hijacked. Saving people and risking your life to people you don’t know, that’s a true hero. First, you try to be a hero for your disabled kid no matter what you have to do. In passage 1, it says, “ Eighty-five times he’s pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons.” Here is a little back up story, When Rick was nine months old the doctors said that he would be a vegetable the rest of his life, not being able to do anything. The told Rick’s parents to put him in an institution, they didn’t do that so they kept him and helped him with marathons and other sports he couldn’t do. They gave Rick something to where he could type what he wanted to say and it would say it for him. Second, if you do…show more content…
A little background information. There are four guys and their names are Mark Bingham, Tom Burnett, Jeremy Glick, and Todd Beamer. They are on an airplane called United Flight 93. In passage 2, it says, “ The four apparently came up with a plan. Burnett told his wife, “ I know we’re going to die. Some of us are going to do something about it.” He wanted to rush the hijackers.” In the end everyone survived, so the four men who saved the people on the plane, not only saved them but saved thousands of other people because the hijackers was heading to the capital. Nearly killing millions of people, just like the twin
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