Flight Club Sneakers Impact On Society

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A shoe is nothing more than, “an outer covering for your foot…” according to the Merriam Webster. But a sneaker, a sneaker is so much more. This thing called the outer covering of a foot has become something so unbelievably powerful and impactful on the United States that it does it no justice to just call it the, “outer covering for your foot…” . Sneakers have become something so much more than just an article of clothing. Sneakers can be, and are, so much more. Sneakers have so much potential to change and that potential has been used and will continue to be used. Since the late 1900s sneakers have had an undeniable impact on the United States that will live on forever. With its economical potential as well as its social movement sneakers and can 't be…show more content…
A high demand has surrounded the sneaker world and is making it an obvious investment. Sneaker companies have arose in America and are changing the the way America buys. Sole supremacy, R.I.F L.A., Flight club, these companies are capitalizing on the high demand for sneakers and are successful in doing so. Flight club is one of the biggest sneaker resellers in America. Basically, Flight Club buys limited sneakers that are impossible to get for a retail price, then resell the shoes for and impressive profit. This has made them an unstoppable business that is growing by the second. According to, Flight Club is worth $2,092,000 and doesn 't plan on stoping. This changes the whole idea of a business. Never before has a company been built off of the success of another company and worked. These businesses are only doing so well because the shoes being sold are doing well, all Flight club does is get the shoes first and ship them for ridiculous prices. Companies like this are popping up all over America and it is changing the way businesses work forever. Clerics has been changed by these companies. Not only boosting the economy, but
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