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The paradox on discrimination in Flight Patterns It goes without saying racism is one of the most significant issues in the united states. Considering the upsetting event of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, the impression became widespread. Security measures increased, people took precautions on air travel, and racial stereotyping became more rampant than ever. Sherman Alexie illustrates this internal fear society all has. He outlines this truth about racism and calling out on stereotypes. "Flight Patterns" details on equally the social and ethical issues in which people face within the 21st Century. It reveals how racial prejudice became more prevalent after the severe events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The story introduces William, a Compulsive Workaholic with an extensive knowledge of American Trivia. He is a Native American Businessman with a Wife and Daughter living in Seattle, Washington. Often a frequent traveler, he seems to have a fear of flying on airplanes. The story’s events take place with William off on another one of his Business trips. He is on his way to the airport, to where he is introduced to a Taxi Driver named Frekadu, also a man of color. On the drive to his destination, two of the men began to get into a conversation about racial stereotyping…show more content…
Not only this, but the overlooked contradiction about how minorities are labeling and stereotyping people even though they are victims of prejudice themselves. “Flight Patterns” addresses the ongoing issue about racial labeling and calling out on stereotypes. The story highlights on the issues people are facing throughout modern society, and the 9/11 terrorist attack is evidence to this point. Racism still exists to this day, and often people overlook the dispute about how the victims of oppression are just as capable for racial prejudice than the

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