Flight Sherman Alexie Analysis

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Betrayal can leads to Change In the novel “Flight”, Sherman Alexie goes through the life of Zits, a boy who had lost his mom when he was 6 years old by cancer and knows that his father was indian and left when he was born. Having lost both parents, had made his life a total mess. He runs away from his foster homes, gets drunk, steals and gets caught by Dave, the police officer who almost always catches him. Dave knows almost everything about zits and has given him many chances to put his life together. He meets Justice, who is a 17 year old boy who teaches zits how to be violent and messes everything up. Justice makes him try to commit a huge crime which causes zits to travel into new bodies. He experiences the feeling of having a father, which he never had, he experienced betrayal, revenge while traveling in these different people. Through experiencing all the second chances, Zits is able to …show more content…

Another scene is the part when he realizes it was all just a long big dream. After traveling through all the different people he finally ended up at the crime scene. He remembers shooting people in the bank but he realizes he never did. He still has the guns in his pocket, in the same bank, and in Seattle. He started going through his past, explaining the first day of kindergarten, the first time he smoked, ran away, and got drunk. He wanted to change because he said, “I am tired of hurting people. I am tired of being hurt. I need help.” He realized he wanted to change so he went to Dave. He said “ Officer Dave, I want you to know that I respect you. And I’m here for a good reason. I’m raising my hands up because I have two guns inside my coat. One of them is just a paint gun, but the other one is real.” When at the police station he tells the police that justice was the one responsible but they didn 't believe him because he doesn 't remember when it happened. They take zits to where they both used to live and he finds everything there but no justice. Will there be

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