Flint Lockwood Research Paper

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Exposition-Flint Lockwood, a failed inventor creates this machine to stop the crisis in his town DUN DUN DAHH!!!!.Everyone in his town including himself were sick of sardines,they hated sardines.Flint 's dad wanted him to come work at the tackle shop every since he was a little lad.Flint always wanted to be an inventor he tried and tried and tried Rising Action- One day flint has an idea to end the crisis in his town. He comes up with a machine that could make it rain food. he tells the town about his idea and the all laugh with humor.Flint Lockwood makes this machine that turns water into food, so it rains food. People love it because they don’t have to eat sardines anymore. climax - For the first time on of flint lockwood 's invention works. flint worked day and night to succeed and it paid off. the town always thought flint bit of more than he could chew. But when the machine started to work and the town was surprised and filled with joy, no more sardines.Everyone never doubted flint would again. he made it rain food from all over the world…show more content…
The giant food has people running for their life. The food begins to come alive, and gets bigger food became animals every human has to evacuate.As they leave they watch there town and homes be destroyed by delicous foods. They don 't wanna leave their homes but it 's for the best. They all turn and and go after flint on the boat.They start to criticise flint, he balls up in fright resolution - flintlock wood uses old inventions like his rocket boots and rocket back pack to launch himself in the sky with the foodblrrbablrrr. He throws it up while he his in the sky and he leaves and goes back down to swallow
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