Flint Water Crisis Essay

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Governor Rick Snyder caused one of the biggest disasters in Michigan. The flint water crisis. Governor Snyder switched the Flint water system which was connected to the Detroit water system to the Flint River. And right away people started noticing severe changes to their water. This was caused from the water pipes corroding and lead leaking into the water. The water that everyone uses, and that we all need to drink. The water started corroding GM’s car parts because of the flint river water. So Governor Snyder switched the GM’s water system back to the Detroit system and he left the rest of flint drinking lead contaminated water. Many people believe that Governor Rick Snyder should be recalled for many reasons. One reason many people believe…show more content…
And he gave the more unwealthy part the lead contaminated water. And the more unwealthy part of Detroit that has a population with a majority of blacks. For these reasons is why many believe that Governor Snyder is being racist. While the rich white people are drinking fresh water, the non wealthy people are stuck with the lead contaminated/non drinkable water. The third and last reason why governor Snyder should be recalled is he tried to hide this from us. Governor Snyder’s administrators warned him about this even before he switched the water systems. And he knew they were right about it. And that is why he fired 2 of his administrators. Governor Snyder knew about this even before he switched the systems. And even after he switched the systems and he noticed the difference in the water he still tried to keep it a secret from all of us. Some people also believe that Governor Snyder should not be recalled. They believe that he should not be recalled because he apologized. And that everyone makes mistakes big or small. Also because he is trying to fix the problem now. And because he changed the water systems

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