Flip Van Winkle's Rip Van Winkle

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Rip Van Winkle was a wonderful but hopeless man. His dog would always follow him in any of his hunts, and Rip would always be concentrated onto whatever he was doing, as long as it didn’t involve his family or farm. Rip was not treated fairly verbally by his wife because of this. Rip’s dog, Wolf, felt his pain when he entered his house while his wife was there. Wolf could only barely make it out alive. It was Rip’s routine to go out in the woods with a gun and shoot some squirrels if he ever wanted to escape the beckoning of his wife. He said to Wolf, “Poor Wolf, thy mistress leads thee a dog’s life of it; but never mind, my lad, whilst I live thou shalt never want a friend to stand by thee.” Wolf wagged his tail upon hearing this for he
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