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Ideas for flipbooks in the memory of Dough’s mind. I would like to explore Dough’s child memories based on his creativity as a child dealing with the shame that is inflicted upon him by his emasculating mother, weak father, and the fact that he is an only child. Seeking comfort and escapism, and trying to find a sense of reason and logic behind crippling shame by depicting out scenarios in the format of flipbooks. Each memory of an animated cartoon will be detailed in allegory fashion. I will need to research animal symbolism and animal parental behavior. Also, research the primal sexuality of the feral. Each flipbook story will tell stories of his real life events that he has lived through. The first story will be of the self-discovery…show more content…
There’s a repressed memory lodged in his mind waiting to seep out. It gradually invades his sanity like a flipbook that is a back to front throughout the story. The visions come to him as a thin manikin, very white sickly skin without features at the beginning, and every time he sees it, it starts to form a resemblance of a girl. Every time he sees it there’s a slight blurriness similar to a flipbook’s page sequence. But in a juxtaposition of slow-motion in the figures movements with a speeded up vile covering her space. Each time we see her she’s in different body positions that show a backward sequence of sex positions. It carries on until we find out when Dough discovers the girl that he is looking for is the one in his visions. He will suddenly see her again in her complete form and the truth. The reason I would like to do it in this way is because I would like to show a unique way of duality of person dealing with childhood trauma and adult guilt simultaneously by using an innocuous method of a child’s imagination, coming to terms with the

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