Flipped School Model Case Study

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mission statement: Northwestern Academy, as a project of Northwestern University, aims to be a premiere secondary educational institution for students seeking a new and innovative high school experience. We use a flipped school model so that students can apply their knowledge in a guided environment. We are dedicated to providing a unique and valuable secondary education experience to every Northwestern Academy student. 5 INNER CIRCLES: Teacher to Student Ratio: A smaller ratio enables teachers to give time and attention to each individual student. This is essential to our flipped school model and gives the opportunity for teachers and students to develop meaningful relationships. This leads to a greater investment in education by both students and professors. Culture…show more content…
Through the flipped school model, each student can get individualized attention. Students watch recorded lectures on their own time and come prepared to apply their new learning in class exercises and projects. Therefore, professors should be ready to guide them through the toughest phase of their learning experience, which for most, is assigned exercises. Annual Preparation Conference Every school year, on one day in August, we aim to provide not only ongoing learning for our professors, but also look to provide them with motivation and time to prepare their classrooms for the first day of school. Teachers have a multitude of options on which guest speakers to listen to. Among our keynote speakers, we bring in experts in the fields of communication, time management, and technology. OUTER PANEL EEO: Diversity not only brings advantages in terms of educational benefits, but it also can spur a sense of creativity in the minds of our students and faculty. We pride ourselves on our pure diversity based recruitment.We will also develop relationships with cultural groups and organizations to find more diverse
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