Floating Leaf Photosynthesis Lab Report

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Quinn Nguyen Floating Leaf Disk Photosynthesis Lab Conclusion: Graph your results for all 3 trials on one graph. Label the graph, both axes, and provide a legend to distinguish each trial. What was the rate of photosynthesis for each variable? How many leaves floated per minute? Rate of photosynthesis (leaves/min) Spinach: (2-0)/25 = 0.08 Lettuce: (10-5)/25 = 0.2 Poinsettia: (0-0)/25 = 0 What was the role of the sodium bicarbonate in this experiment? The sodium bicarbonate provides carbon dioxide necessary for the photosynthesis process. In this experiment, the sodium bicarbonate increases the rate of photosynthesis. Which trial resulted in all the leaf disks floating the fastest? Explain why you think this happened? Lettuce. Because

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