Floating Population Case Study

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Housing Right of Floating Population in China
—The Game of Human Rights and Economics on Temporary Workers’ Urban Housing in China

Introduction: Housing, as right and commodity

In the street sides of Chinese big cities, the large white containers are very striking. What are inside the metal containers? Human beings, who work in somewhere nearby the containers and most likely work as construction workers. With their limited salary, the containers become their first choice on housing in the urban area. However, this is just the initial choice resulted from their limited economic capability and the lack of accountability of the whole society group.

Housing is a concept shared by many disciplines, Economics, Politics and Human Rights. When talking
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Particularly in paragraph 8, it uses seven keywords to make the blur language of Article 11(1) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on adequate housing become very lucid. “Legal security of tenure”, “availability of services, materials, facilities and infrastructure”, “affordability”, “habitability”, “accessibility”, “location” and “cultural adequacy” are the seven key words are very essential to detail the concept of adequate housing. In the case study of Chinese floating population’s housing right, the essay stresses the “legal security of tenure”, “availability of services, materials, facilities and infrastructure”, “affordability”, “habitability” and “location”…show more content…
Because the government makes three mistakes in the housing issue. First, the government considers the housing more as commodities in economic view and less in human rights view. On the one side, urban citizens view house as a profitable investment, so housing construction is non-stop and housing price is highly expensive and continues to appreciate. On the other hand, the value of physical labour is underrated. Therefore even the floating population build all the buildings and boost the economy of cities, they do not have the capability to live in the building of same quality. Second, local governments eludes to face the housing problem of the floating population in the excuse of household register. Third, the legal system fails to refine the wording refer to the floating population and leave room for the other department to escape from their

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