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Floor mats are important elements to an internal space outlook regarding beauty and warmth as well as blend in of colors. For this reason, frequent washing of floor mats is a very significant process in ensuring the surface remains attractive as well as lasts longer by the maintenance of surface material and the fabric. Germs and bacteria embedded within the carpet fibers can cause different types of allergies; children and older people are more prone to developing problems due to these. Regular vacuuming only removes the dust from the outer layer of the carpet and not the dust and germs trapped inside. Only professional carpet cleaning methods can clean the entire carpet as they use techniques and chemicals to remove the trapped particles…show more content…
Carpet fiber identification. Our Carpet Cleaning Process includes these steps: 1. Pre-Inspection. Our carpet cleaning specialists will come to your office or home with you to manually inspect the carpet. They will identify any potential stains and give you an evaluation. 2. Pre-Spray. After the evaluation, we use alkaline that suspends dirt and soil from the fiber. We then pre-treat the carpet to weaken oils and dirt that vacuum cleaners may not remove. 3. Clean and Extract. After sparing your carpet e will then steam clean your carpet with our truck-mounted hot-water removal procedure. Your carpets will be vacuumed down to the backing, and we will also remove deep down chemicals, bacteria, and pollens. 4. Rinse and Neutralize. The solutions left over after cleaning may act as a magnet for dirt. This is the reason why we apply a balancing pH fiber rinse that removes carpet cleaning solution. Your carpet will become softer, cleaner and more beautiful carpet. Call us today at 509-218-3874, and we will restore the snugness of your or office home within a few hours. There are two options that we will use to clean your carpet: We clean your carpets on-site at your or office home; or (2) We pick your carpets (except wall to wall fixed carpets), clean them at our main offices, and deliver them back to you. Simply call us or visit our website www.livecleantoday.com to request a

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