Floor Hockey Research Paper

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Floor Hockey

Keyanna Johnson

Floor hockey is a game played indoors which played with a stick and puck. Ice hockey was invented by British soldiers which soon evolved into floor hockey. The equipment for floor hockey is a plastic puck and each player should have a hockey stick, there are two goals on either side of the court and the players should be wearing indoor athletic shoes.

Floor hockey is usually played between two teams of six players. The object of the game is to move the puck with your hockey sticks along the court to score in the opposing team 's goal. The game is played on a basketball court 95 by 50 feet. There are three 20 minute periods in a game if at the end of the time there is a tie there may be extra time added and
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When a faceoff is happening neither of the centers can score off of a faceoff unless the puck comes in contact with an offensive player first.

“Roughing violations include hitting the opponent with the stick when there is not a chance of hitting the puck, contacting an opponent with the stick above the waist, contact with the goalkeeper inside of the crease, pushing, tripping, hooking, or blocking an opponent with your body. Roughing violations result in two minutes in the penalty box.”(http://sportsvite.com/sports/FloorHockey/rules)

The main topic of this article is explaining the rules and regulations for floor hockey. I was interested in this article because it gave you a more detailed look into the rules of floor hockey. In this article I learned that I can improve controlling the puck by running back and forth in a zigzag way through cones. I can apply this to my life by practicing that and the next time I play I will be better at controlling the puck while running down the court.

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