Flop Persuasive Speech

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If you have ever watched a basketball game, you more than likely would see one of the players fall. The secret is that no one probably didn’t touch them. They just fell to fall, hoping a foul would be called on the opponent. This is known to most sport fans as a flop. It is considered an art to most players.
I’m sure you’re wondering how do you flop? Well, I’ll tell you how to do the proper flop and some background of this chain that seems to take part a lot in the basketball world.
The definition of flop is exaggerating contact when coming into contact with another player of the opposite team in order to have a foul charged on the opposition. This wonderful term has taken over the NBA and other basketball games in both good and bad ways.
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If you fall too often they may get suspicious. So when you believe it’s the right moment, just go for it. It’s actually pretty simple. Just fall to fall.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how did start? Where did it all begin? Well it all started in February of 1976 when the Boston Celtics were hosting the the Houston Rockets. During the game Mike Newlin, Houston’s guard, stood in front of Dave Cowens who was driving to the basket. Cowens just barely touched Newlin, but Newlin fell backwards, as if he was pushed to the floor. It looked like he was shot by a bullet. The refs called a charge on Cowens. Cowens being upset waited until the next play to plow into Newlin, shoving him into the press table. He turned to look at the ref as he yelled, “Now that’s a f****** foul!” This one fall by Mike Newlin paved the way to a million different ones. All with the same purpose. Soon players would get named “Worst or best floppers.” There has always been a constant debate on whether or not these should be fouls. Jerry Sloan was known for flopping so much that coaches on the other teams would threat their players to step on him when he
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