Flora & Ulysses By Kate Dicamillo: Literary Analysis

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Many people have moments where an event or something gets between them, their relatives, or their friends. Although, soon enough, family and companions get through it and remember what is most important: their relationship. In both Flora & Ulysses and Raymie Nightingale, the author, Kate DiCamillo communicates a message about the concept of good relationships. The book Flora & Ulysses takes place in present day plus it is fiction. Raymie Nightingale during the summer of 1970, and it is realistic fiction.
First of all, in Flora & Ulysses, Kate DiCamillo shows that parents most likely love their children, even if the kids do not think so. Flora is the protagonist and a natural cynic, and according to Flora’s mother, Flora is abnormal, for she
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Raymie Clarke, the protagonist, was going to compete in the Miss Florida Tire competition because her dad ran away with a dental hygienist and this was the only way to get him back home. Furthermore, in the book, she found a friend named Louisiana, who had a meltdown because the clerk at the Very Friendly Animal Shelter said her cat was dead. After Louisiana’s meltdown, her grandmother came up with a plan to rescue Louisiana’s cat. Although when they were executing the plan, instead of finding Louisiana’s feline, Archie, they find a dog named Bunny. They brought a cart, so Raymie and her friends do not have to carry the cat, but Louisiana sits in the cart with Bunny. When those two plus Beverly(her friend) are going home, their shopping-cart tumbles down a hill and throws Louisiana plus the canine into a pond, but she does not know how to swim. The author describes Raymie’s reaction, “ Raymie kept running. She ran past Beverly, who was standing and staring; she took a deep breath and dove into the pond, and the water closed over her head, and she went down as far as she could in the darkness”(239-240). She jumped into the water without a second thought, so Louisiana could be saved, verifying that friends probably have each other’s back. Obviously, the message in Raymie Nightingale is that pals most likely will help each other cause she was willing to rescue her
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