Florence And Florence In The Odyssey

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Out in New York I live in a suburban area on Riverdale Road. It is an ordinary street you would find just about anywhere else. The street is quiet, peaceful, and filled with diverse neighbors. Except that is only the surface of what goes on in this street. We as neighbors all respect each other and try our best to not be a nuisance to one another. All but one neighbor, Florence who does not seem care at all. Instead he is extremely irritating and does not even seem to realize it. Weekends you will find him throwing parties late at night and even into early morning with music cranked up and his house filled with crazed young adults. He has no sense of responsibility so his yard is always a mess with dying grass, garbage from his parties found…show more content…
As seen in the Odyssey she only appears once to serve as an obstacle for Odysseus and the crew. I wanted to take her story as seen in the Odyssey, but change it to fit a modern setting. That is why she still sees herself as a goddess while also being able to cast spells and Florence could be depicted as Odysseus’ crew. However, different from the Odyssey was that I wanted to emphasize the drawback of having a mythical character like Circe in a modern setting. Her magic and overall power is too different from any ordinary person and could easily be seen as dangerous from other people’s perspective. This is what forces her to hide these powers most of time and confine herself in her home to avoid risking anything. The conflict with Circe doing this is that she experiences loneliness and sometimes would wish she could just live life like any other human. When Circe does what she did to Florence it goes to show how dangerous a character like Circe could be in a modern setting. Furthermore, the realization Circe experiences when the police arrive at Florence’s house allows readers to remember that most if not all actions can be fixed. What you decide to do is permanent and can affect others either in either a positive or negative
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