Florence Kelley Child Labor Laws Summary

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Child Labor Laws
Florence Kelley, who is a social reformer, read a speech that addresses “child labor laws and [improving] conditions for working women.” This was specifically made so that these problems would be solved in the near future with a grand audience, which was located in a “convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Philadelphia on July 22, 1905”, as its’ witness.
Indubitably, she starts off with using techniques that attract people of high morality. Using age and how some states have worse laws than the latter. According to the speech, she states that there are children working under the age of 16, which is the designated (general) year of age to currently be able to work in the United States. In some states, like Georgia and Pennsylvania, the age of 6 to 8 are acceptable. However, not just children in general were subjected to this type of treatment, but specifically women, which brings the argument towards an improved method of treating women. It was said that the largest “portion of the wage earning class [that] increased so rapidly from decade to decade” was that of the young women ranging from “fourteen through twenty years” of age.
Continuing on, another argument stated was that of the time frame in which the children, or more specifically young girls, worked. At the early hours of the morning, when the rest of the general public would be sleeping, is a time when those children are working. Again, there are brighter sides to this

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