How Did Florence Nightingale Need To Be Remembered

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Florence Nightingale, a women in the 1800’s. She had her life planed out for her until she decided to changed that. She was supposed to be a nice proper lady just like all the other rich woman back then. But she didn't like that idea. Florence wanted to help people, make something out of her self. Something great, and she did. Also to be part of society you couldn't have a job you just had to hold a post or a lady could volunteer her time for a worthy cause. The Nightingales were still new, but well known and they were wealthy. But to be a part of society they would have to have no jobs. So they could barley see little Florence Nightingale making rules on her own. But once again Florence hated this idea she was certain that God had something planed out for her to do and she was going to do it, she was going to do something great, as soon as she found out what is was. Florence Nightingale was Daughter of William and Fanny Nightingale. The second child of the family. She was named after her birth place England, Firenze, she had a sister named Pathenpoe. Their mother wanted them to have unusual names, and so they did. When Florence was a little…show more content…
She's big in history but she needs to be bigger, it should to be tout in history class. Florence was caring for others she changed nursing and lead people to do great things. She didn't do this to be famous she did it because she cares and she thought it needed to be done, and thats great. I know many people that are nurses and they work very hard at there job, but just imagine of how hard it would be if there were a lot of different wounds, lack of knowledge and only five nurses taking care of all these patients it would be very hard and crazy like. She was a great leader many men and women followed her and still are following her today. So spread the word, talk about Florence Nightingale and you can encourage people to do great things to, maybe it can be you that makes
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