Florence Nightingale Influence On Nursing

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So many influences throughout time has impacted Nursing in so many ways in which has also shaped this professional sector. There are several historical and contemporary influences that has made Nursing such diverse and versatile career. I will be looking at Florence Nightingale, a well-known historical figure that has influenced modern healthcare and fabricated nursing into a noble profession for women. I will be comparing Florence Nightingale’s influences on the Economic cost of Nursing in this modern age and the issues in this workforce have changed over time.

Florence Nightingale is an iconic historical key figure who changed Nursing forevermore by having pioneered modern nursing and reforming the face of Nursing also contributing her own skills and work by establishing better sanitation methods and initiating better health standards in the hospital environment. Nightingale’s sanitation methods came into place when she and a team of nurses headed to Turkey in 1854 during the Crimean war. The hospital conditions were worse than they were told, the hospital wards were getting overcrowded, patients were soiled in filth, contaminated water and undigestible food, sewerage on the floors of the wards and dead animal carcasses outside. Nightingale hated overcrowding and the unhygienic state of the hospital. She and the nurses got to work, bathing patients, disinfecting the wards and much more. She continued to do more work and travel to places where her skills were
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