Florence Nightingale Nursing

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Florence Nightingale is one of the most well-known nursing theorists and is often called the “mother” of nursing. To this day, Florence has had an everlasting effect on nursing and the reason why nursing is what it is now is due to her. If Ms. Nightingale was not around there would be drastic changes in nursing practices. In 1860, Florence Nightingale wrote a book, Notes on Nursing, which was about how someone could think like a nurse and act like a nurse. This book was essentially written to make sure the patient has the best chance at returning to their optimum health and the nurses who are helping them getting there.
In this paper, I will be reviewing noise, personal cleanliness, and observation of the sick. I will be discussing how these
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Many hospitals change their filters every so often to avoid infecting the hospital ore with the airborne infections that can be avoided. If hospitals just allowed bad ventilation people would continue to get worse in the hospital and the poor ventilation would even start to infect the healthy people such as the nurses and other people that go to the hospital. Clean air is something that we all take for granted and do not put much thought into but to some people it can save their life. According to Hellgren, Hyvärinen, Holopainen, & Reijula (2011) poor working ventilation posed a risk factors for patients and poor ventilation decreases the workers efficiency. No nurse wants to work in a place where they have a risk of getting sick from something that could be easily monitored and fixed. They are there to worry about their patient and not have to worry about the air that they breath in and vice versa with the…show more content…
The process they use every day, every shift is called ADPIE and that uses observations. During the assessment step nurses observe the patient’s behavior and perform examinations based on those observations. Nurses use subjective and objective observations. When a nurse first meets a patient, they observe how their skin looks, their hygiene, and weight. Observation also involves monitoring blood pressure, blood in urine, body temperature and pulse rate. Good observation skills are important because it can save the life of a patient. When a nurse observes a patient, they can also become closer to the patient and try to understand them better. A patient and nurse relationship are crucial in recovery. The nurse is the patients advocate and support system. Carr (2017) found that making the mutual respect in relationship with a patient makes for a better health outcome for the
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