Florence Nightingale Research Paper

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Florence Nightingale
A nurse known ‘ the lamp lady ’
18th century mathematician

May 12, 1820 - August 13, 1910
Florence Nightingale is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and reformer of hospital sanitation methods. For almost of her ninety years, Nightingale pushed for a change for the better of the British military health-care system and with that Nursing began to be regarded with the respect it deserved. Little do most know, this 18th century nurse had an undeniable impact on mathematical history. Her work still being used frequently today.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy while her parents were on a European tour. Given her name, Florence, as she was named after the city, Florence, where she was
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Her father taught her Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, history, philosophy and mathematics, being his favorite subject. And soon liker her father Florence developed a passion for mathematics. Like most upper-class mothers at the time, Frances Nightingale, Florence’s mother expected her daughter to get married, look after a home, and do charitable work. Florence, thought there was more to life than the preaniticipated life of a woman of her upper-class standard and society
While growing up, Florence takes care of poor and sick people in the village where she lived. At17, Florence felt God wanted her to be a nurse. In Victorian England, most nurses were under educated and thought lowly of, so her parents did not want her to become a nurse , as they felt she was from too high a level of wealth and social standard. Hospital conditions at that time were terrible. Doctors did operations without any anesthetic, and many people who went to hospitals died.
Florence began to visit hospitals. In 1849-50 when she was in Egypt at the time, where two St. Vincent de Paul sisters showed her their hospital in Alexandria. Florence saw that nurses and hospitals in England had so much more potential to be utilized and could achieve higher standards of success and sanitary
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Florence used the money to start the Nightingale Training School for nurses in London. The trained nurses were sent to hospitals all over Britain. They introduced her ideas and trained other under trained nurses. Florence Nightingale never really recovered from the physical strain of the Crimean War. She almost never left home, and she stayed in bed much of the time, but she continued to fight for reform of military hospitals and medical care. She died in London, England on August 13,
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