Florence Nightingale: A Woman In The 1900's

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Florence Nightingale, strong, powerful, intelligent, and ambitious, who would’ve expected this out of a women in the 1800’s to late 1900’s. Tending to those in war zones, living in harm 's way while working in a dirty, rat infested, and disease hoarding hospital, disobeying her parents wishes. Florence was unbelievably brave and ambitious to keep fighting for what she wanted. She worked all day and night while waiting, hoping, and praying that everyone around her would be okay her ambitious side was revealed to society and her family. She was very powerful impacting the ways those look at a lady and how they should do their jobs. Known as “the lady with the lamp,” she defied her parents thoughts on what she should be in her future. Most importantly she risked her own life for over thousands of people. Nightingale is an ambitious and intelligent leader and has made a strong and undeniably astounding change on society. Florence Nightingale, she was a strong, powerful social leader and…show more content…
Women were seen as hardworking and helpful people to have working on and off the battlefield. Women during this time were seen as below men and have the thoughts of women "Many people thought a girl lacked a boy 's intelligence; to much study would make her unladylike" (Reef 16). People thought a women could not be anymore intelligent or smart and work as hard as a man, nowadays this is way different and people see things in a new light. When Nightingale was learning and gathering as much information on topics like these as a little girl to prove society wrong. Nightingale forever showed the world that no one 's gender should make one entitled to more or less education than another (“Florence Nightingale The Legendary Nurse”). Of course society still has some issues on gender inequality, but Nightingale in fact made society see that a Women, Girl, Man, nor Boy deserve more or less education over the
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