Student Motivation

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According to Florence Nightingale statistics is considered to be the most important science in the world as every other science from a social, political and educational perspective is dependent on it (Ridgeway, Nicholson & McCuster, 2007, p. 44). Statistical methods is a subject that organizes information and provides the necessary means for all other disciplines to deal with this particular information by taking the issue of variability into consideration. It therefore forms an essential part of most studies in the academic sphere (Coetzee & van der Merwe, 2010, p. 1). The objective of this methodological discipline is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to have an understanding of research to subsequently review…show more content…
Other primary factors could be categorized by internal and external elements. The internal elements identified were student traits, goals and student beliefs whereas external factors related to academic motivation were assessments and evaluations, the academic environment, feedback, relevant role-players such as lecturers and family, module characteristics and extracurricular activities (Van Etten, Wesley, McInerney & Liem, 2008, pp. 812-816). In Radovan’s study (2011, pp. 220-221) to determine the relationship between student motivation and academic success the results showed that self-efficacy, task value, internal goals and effort were proximal to academic success. The study concluded that above-mentioned variables equipped students with the relevant tools to deal with setbacks, diversions and the ability to focus more, have more self-confidence when writing examinations and ultimately achieve better test results. Christiana (2009, p. 34) who investigated student academic achievement in relation to motivation concluded that both internal and external ways should be employed to motivate students in the quest for academic success and the roles of instructors and family are integral to this success. 2.3 Academic…show more content…
This study could also inform those involved in the teaching of statistics to change students’ perception of statistics and impress upon them the relevance and importance of this discipline in their academic, professional and personal lives in order to motivate them to succeed academically. (Fraser & Killen, 2003, p. 255). Facilitators will also be in a position to improve student learning by emphasizing the positive aspects and decreasing the more unfavourable factors. 5. Method of investigation The methods and techniques to be used to conduct this research follows. 5.1 Research design A quantitative, non-experimental (descriptive) investigation will be done by using a survey design. A survey design allows for indirect observation and taps into variables such as attitude, perceptions and opinions by using interviews and questionnaires (Cresswell, 2012, as cited in Sikhwari, 2014, p. 22). This design can accommodate a larger amount of students in the study and will be suitable to obtain data related to their attitude towards statistics and also to their levels of anxiety towards
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