Florence Nightingale's Environmental Theory

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Introduction Florence Nightingale has a major contribution in the development of theories. Therefore, she is considered one of the keenest individual that helped improve nursing and healthcare in the world. Despite new theorists and advance practice, her research about nature and experiences remain the backbone of nursing. Her environmental theory has a great significance in public and general nursing practice. Moreover, her heroic act and motherly nature have changed the way people view nursing today. “She was acknowledged as the lady with the lamp and was recognized as the first nursing theorist and founder of modern nursing established in 1859"(source: http://www.localhistories.org/nightingale.html). Environmental theory plays a major role…show more content…
This tends to include views on person, health, and environment to create a perspective of nursing. Therefore nurse can manipulate the environment, so nature is able to restore patient’s health. This theory is broad in scope and complex, which requires further classification through research to be applicable in nursing practice. It provides structural frame work for the general objectives, philosophies about nursing. Nightingale used nursing process to obtain data to save life, increase health and comfort.…show more content…
Nightingale has provided the nursing profession with the theoretical base from which other theories have emerged and developed. Her idea has guided the philosophical thought and actual nursing practice throughout the history of modern nursing. Furthermore, proper waste segregation and personal cleanliness are important components of her theory in modern health world to prevent infection. Nightingale theory still widely applicable and relevance as it represent a holistic view of nursing practice through the physical, mental, and social aspects of the patient environment. Therefore her theory continues to influence nurses to deal with health issues impacting communities and remain a powerful force. Application of the theory in modern nursing in Fiji Florence Nightingale had devoted her entire life in pursuit of helping others as an advocator, educator, researcher, caregiver, and counsellor. Her theory, research, and experience are still applicable in Fiji’s nursing practice as well as worldwide. Some applications that are still practiced in modern nursing are identified as follows: 1. Holistic and Spirituality

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