Florence Nightingale's Image Of Nursing

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The modern nursing was founded by Florence Nightingale which sets foundation to the nursing practice in many places around the world. She is also known as the lady with the lamp as she uses the lamp to do rounding at night during her nursing periods. However, Florence Nightingale image of nursing was unachievable and we misplaced in the modern economy of caring transaction. Nightingale developed and implements a new system of nursing training and in 1860 she established the nightingale training school at St Thomas Hospital, London. The nurses dispatched to establish Nightingale model nursing training schools in hospital in Britain and her protectorates, including Canada, the United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia (Francis, Chapman and Birks, 2009).

Some evidence suggests that the development of nursing practice in
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Generally, in the modern world, nursing have been working hard to be recognized as a professional and the reason nurses are respected everywhere. It takes intelligent where have to logical, intellectual, critical thinking to respond to patient needs on daily basis. So what is the image that most people raise up when they hear the word “nurse”? There is negative flurrying around from 1920s and there is stereotype in nursing image. These images includes the view of nurse a “sex object”, “not intelligent”, “hospital cleaners”, “handmaiden of doctors”, “women in white”, “battle-axe” and torturer. Image is defined in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary as the general impression that a person, organisation or product presents to the public. The image of nursing is how nurses and others example peers review the public, patients and their families perceive nursing as professional
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