The Conquest Of Bread Analysis

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Daniela Aguado
Mexican history
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Flores Magon brothers were very important part of the revolution, from the journalistic side since in 1893 the three collaborated in the edition of the newspaper The Democrat, Jesus as editor, Ricardo as a proofreader and as an assistant Enrique printing and writing. This was the only newspaper of the time attacking the then president Porfirio Diaz and which were seized Jesus and other collaborators, Ricardo managed to escape disguised as a printer, Enrique who was only 16 years he was not arrested. After nine months Jesus was released.
From 1900 increase its political and journalistic activity, founded the newspaper Regeneration and
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Thus, it is necessary to subvert this kind of appropriation of wealth to lead to new and higher forms of ownership. Working together, the collective ownership of land and industry, free association of producers and the distribution of the commonly produced according to the needs of each person, would enable economic wealth with less individual effort. In 1902, Flores Magon knew and anarchist texts, eventually publishing that year The Conquest of Bread; Kropotkin's influence was obvious, since the purpose of the new system would distribute wealth according to need, not according to ability, not to create new privileges or social divisions. Similarly, it is also desired to subvert the social contradiction which resulted in the division of labor between intellectual work and manual activities. As said, was not the only influence anarcho for magonistas; indigenous communities featuring a beautiful living example of common ownership of land, forests and water.
The magonista movement, igualque other popular currents, was defeated. The revolution, becoming government, died, the group capitalizes on this great social movement is forced to adopt some programmatic postulates of magonismo, to give revolutionary character to that document stillborn: the constitution of 17. No doubt the magonismo is the main opposition force to the Porfirian tyranny, but fails to win its highly
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Cockcroft case. Others, like Armando Bartra, have placed particular emphasis on the search for similes with Iskra interpretation models that take into account not the living tradition Deun communalist and agrarian socialism. For other scholars, the mechanically magonismo it matters the approach of European anarchism.
Likewise, there are scholars co-opted by governments post-revolutionaries, who insist to estulticiaen the magonismo was the culminating expression of Mexican liberalism, and that their approaches were wisely interpreted porlos executioners of the revolution and enshrined in the Constitution, supposedly governing the social life of the inhabitants of the earth mexicana.Desde our view, none of these interpretations takes encuenta native folk roots, important and propiodel magonismo.
What should be clear is that the revolution sought by magonistas was total, radical, so very different to what has been called "Mexican Revolution". Therefore, the magonismo is not its precursor, because they were fighting for the same thing, nor the life of magonismo dropped only until before 1910, to be its antecedent: the magonismo was opponent of Porfirio Diaz but also the maderismo, the carrancismo, the
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