Florida International University Parking Spot Locator Case Study

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When you hear the word “parking” while on campus at Florida International University, what do you think of? Going up all the way to the roof because you know you will not find parking anywhere else? Waiting by the elevators for someone to walk out so you can take their spot when they leave? I am sure these scenarios are something most commuters to Florida International University have experienced more than one time in their attendance to Florida International University. At Florida International University, it is evident that there are limited spaces available for the number of commuters, students and faculty, on campus. But to help ease the parking issue Florida International University does have several services available to commuters to…show more content…
All of the shuttles and bus services provided are used once you are already on campus. If there would be a shuttle or bus system that would pick up people from a specific area such as an off-campus lot, I feel it would be easier for some to be able to park at the other lot and take the shuttle to the main campus. Rochester has adapted this to one of their Medical campus, there is a designated lot that picks up those who parked in that lot and will take them to the Medical campus. Out of all of the innovative advancements Florida International University has done, the parking spot locator is one of the most effective efforts in helping commuters deal with the difficulty of finding available parking spots. The parking spot locator is a service that is available on the Florida International University app. The locator shows you, though percentage, how much of a select parking garage’s parking spaces is taken up by other commuters. The locator helps, but it only says how much space is taken up in a parking garage but it does not show on which floors the free spots are…show more content…
That’s a far cry from the experience of circling blocks and lots for half an hour in search of a spot (Fliegler).” If Florida International University was able to incorporate the technology that Clemson University is currently using, those using the app would have an easier time being able to find parking, rather than driving throughout the parking garage trying to see where the empty parking spaces are. Although on the signs outside of several parking garages do show how many spaces are free on each floor, it would make it a lot easier for commuters using the app to have the exact locations of the available spaces, it would be a much more useful tool in aiding the commuters parking experience. Wrapping

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