Florida Keys Short Story

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The Florida Keys

It was a sunday morning a really early morning. About two o'clock. We headed for the airport because early in the morning it's easy to get past the luggage checker. All of us even other tourist waited at least six hours. ¨I'm so bored¨
I mumbled.
We all got to the plane and went of to the Florida Keys! About two hours later we got to the other airport and then we rented a car and all of that junk. Then we got to the hotel room we booked. All of us were amazed of how beautiful and how tropical themed it was. After that we decided to go kayaking for a little bit to the Indian key, Were the indians lived during the civil war.
We kayaked and kayaked and kayaked until we got there and docked our boats to the side of the island. Trees everywhere and
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Now we stopped and the boat staff gave us our fishing rods and also warned us about some fishes that are the color red. Their poisonous. I caught a couple of fish about ten pounds no biggie until I caught a redfish. One of the poisonous too. The boat staff cut of the fish and now we needed to go back to the hotel room. The next day which is the day before we leave Florida we decided to binge out because the whole week we've been doing things. I slept in late obviously and so did my brother. When we woke up we got into our our bathing suits to go in the pool and the hot tub, Plus it's outdoors. We got out a couple minutes later because my mom gathered some breakfast from the lobby for us. After breakfast we did some activities at the hotel. A little bit later we rented jetskis. ¨Wooohooo!¨ I shouted. Hours later we went to a deep sleep for the next day to pack up and head home. 6:00 In the morning. We got to the airport and just like in the beginning we waited and waited and waited. We finally got on the plane and left the most beautiful, The most fun and the second most tropical place in the United States of
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