Florida State Board Of Nursing Essay

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Roles and purpose of organizations American Nurses Association (ANA) ANA also known as the American Nurses Association is consider to be one of the loudest voices for Registered Nurses today. ANA has been around since before 1911. ANA represents all Registered Nurses today and makes sure that there is an adequate amount of nurses that are highly skilled and well educated. They not only make sure that the healthcare system is getting the most up to date and accurate skilled nurses, they are a true advocate for nurses in the work place as well as the general public. ANA has made their standards high for practicing nursing to improve the overall health care. Some of the issues they deal with is making sure communities have a primary health care systems in place. They also help to change and improve the overall health care environment. As for Nurses they obtain federal funding for nurses education and training. 1 President Karen Daley stated in her news journal that she wanted to make…show more content…
The Florida State Board of Nursing not only monitors the license of every Floridian nurse but disciplines and educates when they see fit to provide the safest environment for the people in the state of Florida. This organization plays a very important role for every nurse in the state of Florida. This is where every potential nurse can apply for a license and where a nurse can renew their license. The Florida State Board of Nursing not only makes sure that Nurses are up to date and making sure they are providing the best quality and care, they are protecting the public as well. Anyone who has a complaint can report their concerns and or file a complaint to the Florida State Board of Nursing. If anyone has any concerns whether or not someone is licensed to practice nursing then they can look their license up as
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