Florida State University Case Study

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1. If you had $10,000,000 to donate to Florida State University, where would you donate it and why? If given $10,000,000 to donate at Florida State I would donate money to the Florida State University C.A.R.E program and The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC). Being a first-generation college student is very difficult. The problems stem way beyond not doing well in a class but not being able to afford to go to school and having family problems back home. I personally would never have been able to attend Florida State without the C.A.R.E. program. C.A.R.E made college a reality for me and to give back to a program that gives back to so many students within the university is, to me, what the Student Foundation is all about. Likewise,…show more content…
Networking with these student leaders will help me build real connections. I would also benefit tremendously from the knowledge gained from this experience. That knowledge being what philanthropy truly means and looks like to Florida States preeminence and how to implement student led initiatives at a university. This knowledge will also help expand my own and see things from others perspectives. I will also benefit from being a trustee because it will allow to get insight on how to manage and develop campaigns that will benefit the student body as a whole. Also one of the key reasons is that I would gain a developmental experience. One of my criteria for professional growth is to gain experience within organizations that are constantly growing and the Student Foundation is doing just that. In the Student Foundation mission statement, it speaks on “student’s development on Florida State University’s campus” and to be a part of not only Florida States growth but the student’s growth was as well would be nothing short of…show more content…
This week of events entailed planning and organizing, booking venues, and calling business to make the week a success. Luckily, I was not given this task to do myself working along slide my other senior class officers I learned the importance of collaboration for a common goal. Moreover, in planning this event I noticed I was introduced with many difficulties. The biggest challenge was taking an event like this which came annually but making it special and unique to our own class. For example, every year we hold the Senior Sunset event and each year they held it on auditorium and I noticed that students began to get tired of the tradition because they didn’t have much to expect. For that reason, I, along with my officers, decided to make the event fun and turn it into a senior sunset/field day with plenty of activities on our football field and it turned out to be a huge success. Making senior week more engaging and original was also a major concern and I was happy to be a part of the change. In my research I noticed that the Student Foundation works on giving back to university in which to benefit the students and I have experience with this type of work which can help make the foundation more effective in its
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