Flossing Your Teeth Research Paper

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Dentist Lisa Valderueda, D. M. D. Inc of Waipahu, Hawaii says that while many people understand the importance of brushing their teeth and usually practice good brushing habits, many fail to floss regularly. Along with the American Dental Association, Dr. Valderueda recommends that adults and children alike should be flossing their teeth at least once a day to maintain optimal oral health. Flossing is an important part of keeping your mouth as healthy as possible, and is recommended by dentists for the following reasons:

To Remove Stubborn Plaque: While brushing your teeth helps fight off and clean away some plaque, it’s impossible for your toothbrush to get into the smallest crevices of your teeth. Plaque and tartar doesn’t just buildup of
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Gum and periodontal disease has been linked to not just oral pain and bad breath, but heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses as well.
Flossing Can Save You Money: Flossing your teeth regularly not only helps to improve your oral health, but it helps to keep you from needing expensive treatments at the dentist. Failing to floss can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even infections, which may require budget-breaking dental treatments, not to mention painful ones.
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