Flotsam And Jetsam Analysis

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Sometimes you just need to escape your problems at home. The short story ”Flotsam and Jetsam”, takes place in the peaceful environments on a little island named Zanzibar just outside Africa. Alan Bissett discusses the topics of poverty, and the realision when a western, which think they have big problems, learn to put their problems in perspective. The short is written in 2012. It appeared in Allan Bissetts’ collection of short stories ”Elsewhere”. The short story starts in medias res “The sails of the dhows sailed in the horizon, a lazy flotilla of canvas sharkfins.” , which is a characteristic for short stories. After the setting is set in the first line, is the reader introduced to the short story’s main character Kate. Kate is a young girl from Scotland, on a vacation in Zanzibar, which, according to herself, may be her last, since she recently has lost her job, because of government cuts in the UK. It is obvious that Kate enjoys her surroundings, and that she has been looking forward to this trip, and to relax with lots of books. “She’d packed big novels that needed time, space and a hammock to absorb ”. Kate is not portrayed physically, because it is not important to the story, the only thing that is important, is that she is a European, who is visiting an African country. She is soon a target of the locals, who try to sell Kate boat snorkeling trips. She is annoyed with the fact that they will not leave her alone, and that they destroy her walk. Irritated she goes
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