Flourishing Age: The Tang Dynasty

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Tang Dynasty(618B.C.-907B.C.)is one of the famous flourishing age. During this period the culture, technology, political, economy, and diplomacy are high development. In the four great inventions, gunpowder and printing were invented during this time period. The Tang Dynasty last for 289 years and it was reign by 21 emperors. Tang Kwok-hing and Li Yuan's son from the Taiyuan is the open-establishing themselves. The Tang Dynasty can be divided by the An Lushan Rebellion, it is the turning point of Tang Dynasty from flourishing to downfall. At the begin of Tang Dynasty it was really flourished, emperor Gaozu build up this new dynasty. Then their is a famous history event about the legend of Xuanwumen Tang Taizong Li Shimin launched a coup, killing
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