Flow Control Experiment Report

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A. Flow Control Trainer (Flow control – GUNT – 624) 1. Executive summery The first experiment performed was the response of the control system and the rate of response of the system was observed as the valve settings was being changed. The controller was set and it was showing the flow rates in litre per minutes while the rotameter was showing the flow rates in litre per hour. During this experiment, it was observed that the system was responding very quickly to change in the valve setting and the temperature was not responding faster compared to the flow rates. The constant values of measured variables were reached at the valve setting of 70% where the values were 22.4 until the valve setting of 100% and same applied to the flow rates…show more content…
This experiment used a controller which was comprised of a proportional and integral component to control the flow and in it there were variations in parameters. The flow rate was observed using the readings which were indicated by the controller and rotameter and after some time, the flowrate assumed a constant value of 6 ltr/min. During the experiment, it was observed that the PI-controller flow rates were responding very faster with the change in the set point and measured variables. The third experiment was a Fast PI-controller. This experiment also used a controller with proportional and integral components. During this experiment, it was observed that the measured variables were not increasing that much with an increase of a set point but the flow rates with increasing very faster within a short period of time. At 20.71 second, the flow rate was 500 l/h and after about 4 seconds when the set point was changed to 12, the flow rate increased to 760 l/h and at set point of 18, the flow rate was 1125 which was achieved after 10…show more content…
Breweries, waste water treatment plants, food industries, mines, oil and gas, pharmaceutical industries and other automotive industries uses process control to maintain process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow and level into desired operation conditions and that improves the composition and quality of the products because process variable will be at a suitable condition for a certain process and that means nothing will be lost during the process. The importance of process control is to manipulate fluids in such a way that the end products are profitably produced. Most industries use process control to save money by reducing variability. For example, a company like Sasol can use a refinery with a precise control to separate the flow component and that will result in customers getting a quality gasoline at a suitable price because the gasoline that will be produced will not have high octane which will make the price to be high and loose the

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