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Not every town has its roots firmly entrenched in the era of cowboys, prairie wagons, and western expansion, but homes for sale in Flower Mound, TX rest on ground that was once part of the Wild, Wild West. Not every town gets to boast existence because of the likes of Sam Houston, and not every town contains what may have been an ancient Native American burial ground, but Flower Mound does, and it has a rich history to share.
According to the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), Flower Mound was founded when Sam Houston quelled local raids on settlers trying to pass through the area. The year was 1844, and tensions between expansionists and Native Americans were running high. Fortunately for the settlers under Houston’s protection, the area had rich soil good for growing corn, wheat, and cotton.
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The mound may have been sacred to local Native Americans, likely the Wichita, even though no human remains have been found.
In the 1860’s, the Chisholm Trail brought life and thoroughfare for the small town of Flower Mound, but instead of the cars and speed limits on today’s Chisholm Trail Parkway, the original trail was traversed by cattle headed to markets and rail cars--over 6 million in the 20 years following the Civil War, reports www.flower-mound.com. Through the ensuing decades, the town gradually grew with the addition of stores like Yoakley’s and The Donald
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