Flower Motif In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Throughout history, women have faced many restrictions set by men. Man’s desires have overpowered the actions and thinking of women. In the past, women have only had the role of being a housewife while other professions implied a rebellious nature. The novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, is set in Colombia, where women have to follow the stereotypical jobs of a woman.
Through the flower motif and the character development of Angela Vicario,Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in his novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold, disapproves the expectation that women are to conform to man’s desires.
Marquez uses the flower motif by symbolizing women’s virginity, while also disapproving how men thought of women negatively. Flowers have always been a symbol of a woman 's sexuality and virginity. Marquez adds on to this idea in his novel by the mention of flowers in normal situations. For example, the narrator depicts the Vicario household as “almost completely covered with flowerpots”(Marquez 40). As “flower pots” protect the flower, the Vicario household tried to protect Angela Vicario’s virginity. Another conclusion that drawn by the excess flowerpots in the Vicario residence, is that they were trying to hide the fact of flawed purity in their house. The flawed purity that resided in their home was due to Angela supposedly not being a virgin, thus loosing her purity. At Angela’s wedding the narrator describes her as “without a viel and bridal bonquet”, hence providing more evidence to the loss
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