Flowers For Algernon Argumentative Essay

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Petrina Arvanitakis Putman Hour 2-4 15 November 2016 Argument Essay Ethics are the acts, behaviors, or motives and if they are 'right or wrong '. In 'flowers for Algernon ' Charlie Gordon is a man who is disabled from low intelligence. Unfortunately, his doctors were not ethical when performing the procedure to make him smarter. Algernon was a small mouse that what a friend of Charlie 's, and he died in the procedure. One of the doctors, Dr. Nemur, was only doing this surgery for the award and to make a scientific discovery. He did not has his patients health behind his motives. He did not care for Charlie as much as his work. In the story, the reader is told that his wife was very unhappy with him. She wanted s husband who did something
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