Flowers For Algernon: Charlie's Operation

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Flowers For Algernon: Charlie´s Operation If you had the chance to have an operation for artificial intelligence, would you take it? I think that most people would, especially if they have a lower than average IQ. After reading an excerpt from the book Flowers for Algernon and watching Flowers For Algernon the movie, I believe that Charlie Gordon did the right thing when he got the operation to increase his intelligence. My reasons are that, he would have passed up his chance to finally pursue his dreams, he would have gone his whole life without knowing that the people he thought were his true friends are actually just using him for a good laugh and he would have never learned his true feelings about Ms. Kinnian without the operation. First of all, ever since Charlie was a kid, he has always wanted to fit in and be smart. If you were ever in his position, made fun of and unknowing, you would want to do anything to fit in and be smart. Well, he actually got the chance to do that, to be what he´s always wanted, smart. Yes there was a downside to it like becoming dumb again or realizing he has been getting made fun of…show more content…
Nobody lives happily ever after, but the story impacts people in a way that fairy tales don't. It shows as the reality of people, how others treat people that are different and life in general. If Charlie was a real person I would tell him he needs to get the operation, based on what I know. He deserved to feel like a normal person, and if by any chance he could get that I would tell him to jump at the first sign of hope. So yes, if he had the operation, he could finally pursue his dreams, know what people think of them and why they think that way, and lastly, realizing that he loved Ms. Kinnian. No matter if Charlie got the operation or Charlie didn't get it as long as he was happy and he finally felt like he belonged, it didn't matter what
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