Flowers For Algernon: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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In the short story “ Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes and the movie “Charly” have many differences and similarities. The short story and movie are about a guy named Charly Gordon. Charly is mentally challenged but has a operation later on. Here are a few examples about the comparison and contrast. In the short story Charly has a friendship with Miss. Kinnian. And in the movie Miss.Kinnian has a fiance but has a relationship with Charly. Within the movie Charly has Algernon in his room and does maze races and doesn’t have to write progress reports. Yet in the story Charly has to write progress reports for Dr. Nemur and Dr. Straus. Also in the story Charly works in a box factory and gets a hard time from Joe and Frank but doesn’t know.
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