Flowers For Algernon Research Papers

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Do you want to be super smart? If you do then would you want our A.I surgery To make it happen? In the science fiction story”Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. The main character Charlie Gordon has a low I.Q and he has a chance to be smarter again. He takes the A.I surgery to become smart and it tripled is I.Q from 68 to 204. Charlie Gordon should have the A.I surgery. Charlie felt new emotions, he was a problem solver and he contributed to science. Also, Charlie felt new emotions. Another piece of evidence has been he never felt these emotions before A.I. Another piece of evidence has been Charlie 's low I.Q didn’t allow him to have any emotions after A.I charlie felt love. “I’m in love with miss Kinnian”(Keyes 234).After the A.I…show more content…
He had the A.I surgery and then it started to research the operation and realized his I.Q was going to rapidly decrease. “I recall you once saying to me that an experienced failure or the disproving of a theory was as important to the advancement of learning as a success would be”(Keyes 239). After the A.I surgery Charlie was helping with the scientist and he found out there was not a solution to it and also found out his I.Q was decreasing.Charlie proved the operation was a failure Algernon-Gordon effect. Also, Charlie shouldn 't have the A.I surgery because it decreased his i.Q. Readers argue that while while it might be true that charlie´s I.Q decreases less than 68. Charlie was able to feel like everyone else and he learned how to do things that he never knew how to do before the A.I surgery.opponents would also argue that charlie was heartbroken because of the A.I surgery. He did get heartbroken after the A.I surgery,but Charlie felt loved and he learned what love was. Also, Charlie Gordon should have the A.I surgery because he et new friends,he felt new emotions, and he wanted to learn new things and he did. Charlie was a problem solving machine. Charlie proved operation was a failure Algernon-Gordon. Now do you wanna be super smart like Charlie? If you do then would you have our A.I surgery
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