Flowers For Algernon Similarities

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Anil Kumar once said, “Don 't let people squeeze you into their mold. Be confident in who God made you to be.” The movie Charly directed by Ralph Nelson and the book “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes have many similarities as well as differences. For example, a similarity between the book and the movie is that they both portray Charly as a male that is mentally disabled, but is helped by Miss Kinnian and his Drs. Nemur and Strauss. An example of a difference between the two is the story describes Dr. Strauss as a man while the movie has a female actor play the role of Dr. Strauss.
One of the main similarities between Charly and “Flowers for Algernon” is that they both characterize Charly as a male that is intellectually challenged at the beginning and then towards the middle of the plot he gains a massive amount of intelligence and becomes a brilliant young man. Charly has problems comprehending situations, reading or writing, and he doesn’t really possess any feelings or emotions at the beginning of the story. He shows his inability to comprehend when he fails to to do the test that Dr. Strauss and Professor Nemur give him to see if he is qualified for the experiment. His illiteracy shows when he is in Miss Kinnians class and she can’t read his
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On the other hand, they are opposites because in the movie Dr. Strauss plays the role of a female psychologist instead of being characterized as a male in “Flowers for Algernon”. Even though these two books and movies (that are based on the same plot) have more similarities than differences, they are still absolutely different like “apples and oranges”, because, “ they are both fruit but are extremely different” as said by Stephen
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